Many women know that acupuncture helps with fertility and conception. Did you also know that acupuncture is used worldwide during pregnancy? You can get treatment for specific pregnancy-related conditions, such as high blood pressure or gestational diabetes. You can also use it for pregnancy discomforts that you may think are simply normal and unavoidable, like nausea or back pain.  Please book with Laura directly on-line here.

How does acupuncture work?

In a nutshell, acupuncture stimulates “points” that have a signaling effect on both your nervous and endocrine system. The goal is to help your body (including mind and spirit) to self-regulate. Nothing is injected, it’s your own body doing its job. Laura’s acupuncture is extremely gentle. She specializes in working with women who are new to acupuncture and may be nervous. Women are surprised to discover how deeply relaxing and restorative acupuncture is. And needle fear? Let that go, as she uses fine Japanese “needles” that are the size of a hair, and treatment is painless. Click here to learn more about Laura’s acupuncture.

For MBWC clients, Laura focuses on:

  • “Securing and holding” early pregnancies to prevent loss

  • Regulating menstrual cycles

  • Reducing PMS and period pain

  • Enhancing fertility

  • Addressing pregnancy problems such as nausea, constipation, reflux, headaches, and aches and pains

  • Easing difficult mood swings, anxiety and depression during and after pregnancy

  • Preventing or managing pregnancy-induced hypertension and gestational diabetes

  • Turning breech and posterior positioned babies

  • Preparing for labor (cervical ripening) in weeks 37, 38 and 39

  • Encouraging labor through “acupuncture induction” at week 40 and beyond

  • Treating postpartum women with moxabustion (“mother-roasting”) to restore pelvic ligament stability

  • Nurturing postpartum women to rebuild vitality, recover from birth, and ease difficult moods caused by hormonal changes

  • Helping with milk supply, and breast infections


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Laura Paris, LAc

Laura Paris, LAc practices Acupuncture and Functional Medicine. She has specialized in women’s health, treating women and girls of all ages, for 15 years. Learn more about Laura’s background and credentials here.

Laura offers appointments for “Wifey” patients at her downtown Monterey clinic. In addition she treats women in early labor at the MBWC, end is available for postpartum home visits. Exclusively for “Wifey” patients not on insurance, Laura offers a $10 discount on all visits, as well as reduced fees for women in financial need.

Please book with Laura directly on-line here, mention you are a “Wifey” client, and your discount will be applied. To arrange a treatment at the Monterey Birth Center, or a housecall, contact Laura’s office directly to schedule.



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Birth Center Rates and Packages:

Functional Medicine Pkg - $225
 Includes Blood Panel, Nutrition, Supplement Design for Fertility, Pregnancy or Postpartum

Pregnancy Acupuncture Pkg - $1,105  (Save $130.00)
9 Acupuncture Visits, 3 labor preparation treatments, 1 post-partum treatment (house call if needed)

 Pregnancy Deluxe Pkg - $1,305 (Save $155.00)
Nutrition and supplement design, 9 acupuncture visits, 3 labor preparation treatments, 1 postpartum visit (house call if needed)

Labor Preparation Acupuncture Pkg - $255.00
Based on research, 3 weekly treatments for due date make labor smoother and easier! 



Acupuncture Rates

New Patient First Visit: $145

Follow-ups: $95

Package of 5 visits: $425

Acupuncture at Birth - $545.00
On call for women birth at the birth center. 



Feldenkrais® classes, see classroom schedule

Free 15 minute consults

Self-care and educational talks, see classroom schedule

Military $10 discount on all services except classes

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