The Monterey Birth & Wellness Center is the Peninsula’s first and only freestanding birth center that provides evidenced-based midwifery care in a beautiful, spa-like environment. 

Families will find comfort in a model of care that values our body’s normal physiologic processes, while combining safety and technology with respect and compassion.  Parents can labor and give birth in the center’s peaceful, home-like birthing rooms which each come equipped with a large, 2-person birth tub, private bathroom and outdoor patio, and a comfortable family bed where the new family can cuddle, breastfeed and bond.

Birth Center Package $7175

Includes midwifery based prenatal care (typically between 8 to 13 visits for 1 hour apiece), your birth in the center (includes water birth if desired) and 4+ postpartum visits thru 6-8 weeks. 1 Prenatal OB consult w/Family Medicine Doctor - Dr. Jessica Goldstein.

Your First baby Birth Center Package $7,725

Includes all of the Birth Center Package services plus: Childbirth Education, Prenatal Lactation class, and a postpartum visit from a certified Lactation Consultant. (all of these services are discounted for this package). This package also includes 1 Prenatal OB consult w/Family Medicine Doctor - Dr. Jessica Goldstein.

Hospital Birth Package $3000

Includes 3 prenatal visits, midwife consults during office hours via phone or text, up to 3 postpartum visits (1 home visit and 2 office visits), Childbirth Education and Prenatal Lactation class in order to prepare you for your natural hospital birth. This package also includes a labor support doula (we contract with a doula service for this package).

Natural IUI Package $3000

Includes 3 preconception visits, 6-8 inseminations (up to 4 rounds of IUI), pregnancy confirmation visit

Fully Supported Postpartum Package $950

Includes 2 home visits and 3 office visits

A la carte services

Sneak Peak Early Gender (9+ weeks) prediction DNA - $129
3D Ultrasound - $135 or 4D Ultrasound - $145
Prenatal OB consultation w/Dr. Goldstein - $225
Community Childbirth Ed ( $285
Lactation Class w/IBCLC - $150
Home Lactation Visit w/IBCLC - $225
Insurance Billing - approximately $150-$200 (we offer two services at this time).

 Email us at, call 831.717.4723, or book online 24/7.