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Pelvic Bowl Steam Ritual

Awaken your inner woman with this ancient and powerful sacred ritual.

Gently steaming the yoni with healing herbs is a very simple, effective and ancient tradition. Generations of women from many indigenous cultures through centuries have been passing down this sacred ritual to energetically, emotionally and physically cleanse and nourish their yoni and awaken their Feminine Essence.

It starts with an Opening Circle where we talk of the benefits, and how to steam. Share our Intention, Fears and Needs and we create a safe, welcoming and deep space.

We then drop into the depth of our Womb and Yoni through breathing, and gentle movements at the level of the hips, pelvis and sacrum to allow the energy to start flowing and your lower belly to relax.

Ashley will then guide you through a Womb Meditation to embrace and feel all the emotions, traumas, physical sensations, shame present in your “sacred place “

During and after experiencing the steaming, you are also invited and encouraged to meditate or journal or simply rest and feel comfortable lying down.

Earlier Event: July 14
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