Intrauterine Insemination

Intrauterine insemination (IUI), also known as artificial insemination, is a fertility treatment that increases the chances of conception in those who are experiencing difficulty conceiving. It involves placing sperm inside your uterus at the time of ovulation, which increases the number of sperm that can potentially reach the fallopian tubes and egg. It is less invasive than in vitro fertilization. We offer natural IUI, without the use of pharmaceuticals. Book your free tour of our center or schedule your IUI appointment today. Email us at, call 831.717.4723, or book online 24/7

An IUI is commonly pursued due to low sperm count or decreased sperm mobility. However, this is not always the case. Unexplained infertility may also be at play. Before we recommend IUI, we will conduct a comprehensive analysis of factors that may be prohibiting conception. Our focus is on factors that may be affecting women. This sometimes results in natural conception after prohibiting factors are identified and removed. Learn more about factors that increase the chance of conceiving by reading about Pre Conception Planning.

Should you need to pursue this intrauterine insemination, our holistic approach begins with the following pre-conception regimen:

·      Blood work

·      Health screening (blood pressure, weight) 

·      STI screening

·      Assess to genetic counseling

·      Optimal fertility diet

·      Exercise and lifestyle counseling

·      Stress reduction and mindfulness counseling

·      Complimentary therapies (acupuncture, functional medicine, yoga, cranial sacral)

·      Mayan abdominal massage

·      Gyrotonics

·      Removing environmental and household toxins and xenoestrogens 

·      Hormonal testing, menstrual mapping

·      Charting your fertility

·      Herbal and supplement prescriptions 

Schedule your IUI appointment today. Email us at, call 831.717.4723, or book online 24/7.


Your IUI is done in our beautiful center, in a non-clinical setting. Partners are welcome to participate. Expect to spend 60-120 minutes in the room during the IUI, accompanied by aromatherapy and music.

The IUI Package consists of the following:

·      2-3 pre conception visits

·      4 rounds of IUI (or 8 inseminations)

·      An automated basil body temperature device 

·      2 informative books

·      Luteal phase supplementation, as needed

·      A follow up visit


The cost of IUI varies depending on a number of factors. For more information email us at or book an appointment to discuss your unique circumstances.

Our knowledge and expertise will give you the best possible chance of conceiving a child, perhaps the greatest miracle in life. Inseminations are performed in conjunction with your ovulation, and The Wifeys are on call to assist you with the optimal timing to increase your chances of conceiving. Contact us to begin your journey. 

We welcome LGBTQI families, single parents by choice and those that are conceiving over the age of 35. 


The Monterey Birth & Wellness Center is one of only 18 accredited birth centers in California, and the only one in central California. Accreditation is a mark of quality and expertise achieved by relatively few freestanding birth centers in the U.S.A. Learn more about the standards for accreditation at the Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers website.