SneakPeek® Gender Reveal


It is a natural urge for expectant parents to want to know your unborn baby’s physical gender*—for some people they can think of little else! And while it is becoming an accepted fact that one's true gender/sex/identity is dictated by factors that go beyond strictly genitalia, it is still a thrilling experience to discover the gender of the little being inside you.

Whether you want a girl or boy, or couldn’t care less and are simply curious, the SneakPeek® Gender Reveal is a simple blood test that can reveal the gender of your baby as early as 9 weeks. Turnaround time is 24 hours. Accuracy is unmatched, and cannot be contaminated by, for example, the DNA of males in a home environment. We are a certified SneakPeek® participating clinic.

Many expectant parents note a deeper bond with their unborn baby upon discovering its gender. From deciding on a name to telling siblings or grandparents the exciting news, gender reveal can be a highlight of a pregnancy. Schedule your appointment now!  Email us at, call 831.717.4723, or book online 24/7

*We realize that the term "gender" does not accurately reflect what is a very complex and sensitive subject that involves genitalia, sex, identity, and carries LGBTQI associations that are beyond the scope of a web page that discusses the SneakPeek test. Our apologies in advance for any offense this may cause.


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